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       Every story has a beginning. For Strangers&Heroes, their story began in infancy. From attending the same Sunday School classes to swimming in dirty ponds together, it was always easy to see that Stephen, Emily, and Brent were best friends in every way. And though they often sang together on their front porches, surrounded by their friends and family, being in a band had never been their plan. At least, it wasn’t, until their loved ones started to encourage them to sing in more public settings. It was at that time that their musical careers began, although not in the way you would expect from an alternative rock band. “At first we were singing Southern Gospel music, because that is what we grew up hearing in church. However, as time passed, our own individual styles began to mold and shape our music, and we began to take on a Christian Rock influence,” says Emily. 

            After several years of being a band of three, Stephen, Emily, and Brent realized that they needed to add a few new faces to accomplish the vision God had given them. Like life’s friendships, many members seemed to come and go, until one day, at a Battle of the Bands event, Chase and Clay Wells came into their lives. Both excellent musicians, the brothers were immediately able to see and share the overall vision, and in no time at all became permanent members of the band.  Often compared to popular bands such as Skillet, Flyleaf, Switchfoot and Thousand Foot Krutch, Strangers&Heroes have had many accomplishments together. “We have won awards at several ‘Battle-of-the-Bands’ events in the United States, such as Overall Winner, Best Original Song, and Best Cover Song,” states Emily.  With the constant encouragement of their spouses and families, Strangers&Heroes have been able to continue to pursue their dream and the calling God has laid on each of their hearts. In fact, the name of their band describes what their calling is all about.  “Strangers&Heroes stands for those who have yet to come in contact with the Gospel (strangers) and those who are on the mission of spreading that Gospel to a lost world (heroes),” they explain.
         You would think that with five different personalities, challenges would arise every day, yet these five people balance each other out perfectly. When asked to describe each other’s personalities, Strangers&Heroes stated, “Stephen is the peacemaker. He does not like conflict, and he is usually the one to step in and resolve problems that arise. Emily is the adrenaline-junkie. She loves taking risks and trying new things. Brent is the 5-year-old. He often shows up to practice wearing a t-shirt with a picture of some clever pun. He has also been known to wear his signature Mickey Mouse shirt in many concerts. Chase is Brad Paisley’s biggest fan. No, but seriously, this guy loves Brad Paisley. And last, but not least, is Clay-- the dry guy. He has a great sense of humor, but you often have to look for it behind a straight face and sarcastic tone.”  With personalities like theirs and hearts that overflow with God’s love, it is impossible not to enjoy every moment that you have with these five people. And their story is just getting started!


An awesome fun day full of live music, booths, food and much more!  You will not want to miss this!

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